Repair & Maintenance

About MCP Service

MCP has been an authorized distributor for Advance for over 35 years, providing service to the southeast United States. MCP has focused its efforts on the support of businesses in Georgia and Florida while also servicing neighboring cities, like: Auburn, AL; Lanett, AL; Chattanooga, TN; Cleveland, TN and North Augusta, SC. MCP is headquartered in Smyrna, GA, which is located about 12 miles Northwest of the center of Atlanta. MCP also has branches in Albany, GA, Augusta, GA and Apopka, FL.

MCP service technicians have received extensive training from Advance as well as from MCP training personnel. Each technician is experienced in the repair and maintenance of all the industrial equipment that we provide, including: floor sweepers, floor scrubbers, sweeper/scrubber combination manchines, pressure washers and electric vehicles.

We provide on-site service as well as more extensive repairs at one of our service locations. Most repairs and maintenance can be performed at your facility and our service technicians come equipped with a large inventory of replacement parts that have been stocked to match the equipment population that the technician supports. MCP repairs more than just Advance equipment, and all of our technicians have the ability to repair any industrial cleaning equipment or electric vehicle.

Why Choose MCP for Service

Better Local Support

MCP is a dealership that focuses on a finite geography. We have strategically positioned our personnel to provide the quickest response time in the industry. Due to this well-defined geographic footprint, we are able to schedule better, hold more focused inventory amounts and provide maintenance plans that will reduce equipment downtime and repair costs.

Lower Cost to You

MCP is not a global company with huge infrastructure costs. We have positioned our service department so that we can provide great service promptly while remaining lean enough to provide it at a low cost to you. One way we generate lower service costs it by planning better. We do not feel like you should be charged for poor planning, so we do not charge for return trips on the same service call or planned maintenance session. You pay for the labor that is incurred on site and pay for no return trips to pick-up additional parts.

One Source for Replacement Parts

During our 35 years of cleaning equipment repairs, we have developed many partnerships with after-market parts suppliers that provide products that are on par with OEM replacements. We can not only provide any part you need for your Advance scrubber, but we can also provide parts for any competitive machine as well.